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About Our Crew:


Kate Dickson, BA

My passion in life has always centered around children. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher early on in my childhood. I have always wanted the absolute best for my students, therefore my passion for  nutrition and wellness came hand in hand with teaching. I have this desire to teach children the importance of living a healthy and fit lifestyle. My journey to learn more about wellness and nutrition has taken me coast to coast. I have been to wellness meetings from Boston to Napa Valley, at the Culinary Institue of America (CIA).  I have learned the importance of healthy cooking and the benefits it has on our bodies. I have used this knowledge  to overcome my own  health challenges with clean eating and exercise. I have first hand experience with  the amazing benefits of wellness. I want  my students, and all children, to feel the same way. I am here to inspire children to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Caroline Mason, BS, MS

My interest in health and wellness began at an early age with my love for playing soccer. I knew it was crucial to take care of my body to reach my highest potential on the field. I went to North Carolina State University where I studied nutrition for both my undergraduate and graduate degrees. After college, I started working at a health education center and quickly discovered my passion for empowering children and families in the community. I realized that the best way to help families adopt a healthy lifestyle was through hands-on learning experiences. The Wellness Cove Workbooks provide hands-on activities for families and are an amazing platform for learning about health. They present wellness in a fun and exciting way and allow families to come together to discover the importance of taking care of their bodies. I recently started a family of my own and I cannot wait for my 2 boys, and the next edition to our family, to journey through the Wellness Cove Workbooks!


Christopher Dickson, MD

As a vascular surgeon, I have been treating the ravages of atherosclerosis for over 30 years. This devastating disease results in heart attacks, strokes, and lost limbs. I have witnessed a lot of suffering, much of it preventable. Our adult Wellness Cove Workbooks are our humble effort to help people take better care of themselves, prevent illness, and get more out of life. However, blessed with grandchildren, I realized that we should teach children wellness when they are young and much more receptive learners. They will then grow up to teach their children the benefits of wellness. I hope that your family and children will become part of this Health Care revolution.


Bill Hobbs, Artist

As a professional Illustrator and Graphic Designer with over 30 years of experience, I have drawn and designed a large variety of different things for clients large and small. My artwork has appeared in magazines, posters, products, displays, private collections, comic books, coloring books, book covers and of course the Wellness Cove workbooks. I believe art should inspire and evoke emotion. Art can also help tell a story quicker than words alone. I try to add a little bit of Fun to everything I draw.