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In their next wellness adventure, students will travel to the island of Turtle Cay in order to help Chris and Naomi, two students at the School of Marine Biology. The coral reefs here are dying off and it is Chris’s project to try to save them. But, Chris is overwhelmed and stressed and seems to be making little progress. However, the Wellness Crew will come to the rescue and help Chris find his Wellness Groove. Once he is feeling more confident and thinking more clearly, together they will come up with an ingenious way to save the reefs. The students will earn stickers throughout the workbook so that they can help turn the dying coral reef into a thriving reef filled with colorful fish. 

Students will also meet some great new characters. Naomi is trying to save the turtle population which is dwindling because tourists have disturbed they delicate ecosystem. The Wellness Crew comes up with a clever way to save the turtles and are an inspiration to the adults to take better care of our planet. They will be inspired throughout their journey by Professor Smile who always has encouraging words for them. Students will also cross paths with Jay, an entrepreneurial wild man! Students will also witness how Chef Jack flips his restaurant with the help of Maria and Bella from the 2nd Grade workbook. No longer will he be serving unhealthy food. The Laughing Plantain will be his new plant-based restaurant. 

Buckle up, as the Wellness Journey continues! 

Authors: Kate Dickson, BA, Caroline Mason, BS, MS, and Christopher Dickson, MD 

Illustrator: Bill Hobbs 

64 pages

Third Grade Workbook

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