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Stress filters into every area of our life. It affects our work, relationships, health, sleep, and happiness. It creeps into our lives and takes the joy out of living. On the other hand, when we are relaxed, we think more clearly, make better decisions, and enjoy life more. The 5 core concepts presented in this workbook will help you to find peace despite this chaotic world that we live in.

Here are the 5 Core Concepts presented in this workbook. Each core concept is supported by 4 chapters.

You do your best work when you are calm and relaxed. In this section we will discuss the value of meditation and the importance of eliminating anger. We’ll help you make learning to relax a priority.

Roll with it
Surfers have always had a reputation for having a great attitude. They just seem to roll with it. In this section you   will learn to make peace with reality, welcome failure, and make having fun a priority.

Have your ammo ready
Stressful situations are part of our life. It helps to have coping strategies ready for when they do occur. These chapters will discuss some strategies including how to “SOAR,” “do the one thing,” and “try something different.” You will also come up with some of your own strategies.

Spend less money than you make
Financial stress is extremely common, and has a devastating impact on marriage, for example. So in these 4 chapters, we address the elephant in the room- you need to spend less money than you make. You may also learn sooner than most that money is not what matters most in life.

Have a refuge from stress
So that stress does not take over your life, it is important to have a refuge from stress. We will discuss the importance of escaping from the stress daily, surrounding yourself with good friends, the value of vacation, and our ultimate refuge - trusting God. 

Author: Christopher Dickson, MD

29 pages

Stress Management Workbook 1: Finding Peace in a Chaotic World

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