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In the First Grade Workbook, the students traveled around the island of Paradise Key and learned the fundamentals of wellness in a fun and interactive way. In the Second Grade Workbook, their adventure continues to the island of Lemon Key, where people live long and healthy lives. Students will travel around the island of Lemon Key and meet the world’s most famous Chef, Maria, and her daughter Bella who will teach them how to make vegetables and fruits taste delicious. The students will meet lots of new friends. Along their journey they will learn the importance of exercise, relaxation, and nutrition. They will discover an amazing library where they will learn how much fun it is to read books full of history and adventure.  They will learn the value of having friends and why it is important to help others. Ultimately, they will help some children who are less fortunate than them find their wellness groove. Importantly, they will learn to love their lives and cherish their family.  The workbook culminates with the wise shepherd’s 7 secrets for living a long and healthy life. These secretes match closely the secrets of Wellness Cove that are written on the 7 buoys that lead to Wellness Cove. 

In this workbook, we have added 2 full pages of color stickers. The students will earn Wellness Coins along their journey. All of the pages are interactive and engaging for the students. 

Authors: Kate Dickson, BA, Caroline Mason, BS, MS, and Christopher Dickson, MD

Illustrator: Bill Hobbs

64 pages 

Second Grade Workbook

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