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Whether your goal is disease prevention, a happier mood, a healthier brain, weight loss, optimum sports performance, or longevity, nutrition is paramount. Yet, in our culture it is difficult to feed our cells those nutrients that they really need. This nutrition workbook will present 5 core concepts that you can depend upon for a lifetime. Despite the vast array of conflicting ideas on nutrition, none of these core concepts are controversial or disputed. This workbook will help you set up an environment which will make it easy to eat to enjoy life and be well.

Here are the 5 Core Concepts presented in this workbook. Each Core Concept is supported by 4 chapters. 

Eat more vegetables and fruits; a lot more
This seems obvious, but how do you really make it happen? Learn why it is so important, how to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your meal plan, how to make it easy, and how to stay motivated.

Eat less processed food; a lot less
Learn why processed food is responsible for most chronic disease, how to retrain your taste buds, the Wellness Cove 6 point reality check when reading labels, and how to create an environment in which it is easy to make better food choices.

Eat mindfully
Stop eating mindlessly! You would be amazed at what you eat without really being aware. Eat mindfully. Slow down and actually taste your food. In this section we will teach you to eat to enjoy life and be well. 

Cook dinner
If you want to eat real food and avoid all the processed food, you will have to start cooking dinner. We will help you make it easy by creating a cooking kitchen and finding a handful of favorite recipes. It’s time to bring back dinner as a family.

To avoid impulse eating, think ahead
In this section we will address the importance of planning your meals and using a grocery list to make your life easy. You can print our grocery list, which has notes on when to buy organic and how to read the labels. We’ll also address snacks and eating out. 

Author: Christopher Dickson, MD

41 pages

Nutrition Workbook 1: Eat To Enjoy Life And Be Well

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