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Wellness Cove hopes to help individuals achieve wellness. However, we are equally committed to the larger goal of helping entire families achieve wellness. Family wellness means that everyone in the family is healthy, but also means that the family as a whole is healthy. The 5 core concepts presented in this workbook will help your family learn about responsibility, communication and the value of unconditional love. Your family will better be able to help each other achieve physical and mental wellness. Together your family will be able to live a more fulfilling and peaceful life filled with adventure.

Here are the 5 Core Concepts presented in this workbook. Each core concept is supported by 4 chapters.

Embrace wellness as a family
The first 2 Core Concepts in this workbook focus on family members helping each other achieve individual wellness. When everyone is on board, it is easier to address the 3 major challenges to achieving wellness in our culture: what we eat, our sedentary lifestyle, and stress. If your family embraces the wellness mission together, everyone’s quality of life is dramatically improved.

Actions, not words
Your families commitment to wellness is not determined by what you say, but is determined by what actions your family takes. In these 4 chapters we will encourage you to get serious about wellness, set an example for others, and establish some healthy family habits.

Love unconditionally
The last 3 Core Concepts in this workbook focus on achieving wellness of the family as a whole. The foundation for everything that follows in this workbook is unconditional love. Once a family member knows that they are accepted for who they are, with no strings attached, the rest comes natural.

Although you are individuals, you are part of a family
Belonging to a great family is something to be proud of. But, with this comes responsibility. It is important to be considerate of each other, help each other, accept responsibility, and be open to compromise. 

Treasure the shared experiences
When you get right down to it, life is about sharing experiences with people that you love. In this section we will emphasize the importance of eating dinner together as a family, making time for vacations, and having lots of family traditions. 

Author: Christopher Dickson, MD

30 pages

Family Wellness Workbook 1: Family Wellness: The Ultimate Treasure

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