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When your brain is healthy and functioning normally, it is amazing what it is capable of. Your brain can make you happy, help you solve problems, and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Your world is very different when your brain is not healthy. Depression, anxiety, and loss of cognitive function can make your life miserable. This workbook will provide you with the information that you need in order to keep your brain healthy and even grow new brain cells. Life is much more enjoyable when your brain is functioning at its best. Prepare to get really smart which will make your life fun and easy.

Here are the 5 Core Concepts presented in this workbook. Each Core Concept is supported by 4 chapters. 

Use your brain

Despite what was believed for many years, your brain can grow new cells. However, this only will occur if you use your brain. In this section we will encourage you to learn new things and step out of your comfort zone.

Control your focus

“Your world” is determined by what you focus on. For this reason, it is important to always look for the positive aspects of any situation. Don’t always focus on what is wrong. Instead, focus on your goals and your brain will work to help you achieve those goals.

Connect with your world

Socialization is critically important for a healthy brain. We want to feel connected to others and to our environment. In this section, we will help you get connected to your world on a whole new level.

Make sleep a priority

Giving your brain a chance to recover each night is critically important. In this section, you will learn the innumerable benefits of getting a restful night sleep each night. And  we will help you make that happen. 

Meditate daily

In this section we will teach you the science behind all of the benefits of meditation. You will learn that meditation has been shown to result in the grown of new brain cells. This is the single most important habit that you can develop in order to get the most out of your brain. 

Author: Christopher Dickson, MD

36 pages

Brain Health Workbook 1: Smart Makes Life Fun and Easy

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