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Help The Teacher

First Grade Workbook

Here are some ways to help your child’s First Grade Teacher

There are opportunities in each chapter to donate things to your child’s class.


Alternatively, if your teacher has set up a GoFundMe Account, you can donate there. We strongly encourage parents to donate anonymously so that parents do not feel pressured to donate beyond their means. All families have different financial challenges. Teachers can then use these funds to purchase some of the things listed below.



Chapter 1: Welcome to Wellness Cove

On pages 6 and 7, the students will cut out the fruits and vegetables that they would like to add to their smoothies. This is a great opportunity to let the students try a real smoothie loaded with the nutrients that they need to be healthy and happy.  Consider donating some smoothies to the class. The students will only need a small taste. For example, if the each student gets 4 ounces, a 24 ounce smoothie will be enough for 6 students.


Chapter 2: Enjoy Our Amazing Planet

On page 18, the students will learn the importance of staying active. Consider donating a simply fit board or boards to the classroom. They will also use the board when they learn to surf on page 24. These can be purchased on or 

On page 19, they will learn to “plank.” Consider loaning or donating some yoga mats for the students to use for planking. They could also use them on the following page when they do some yoga with Izzy.


Chapter 3: Your Amazing Brain

On pages 32 and 33, the children discover a Secret Grotto on the island where they love to read and learn. Consider donating items to your child’s class so that their teacher can create a Secret Grotto right in their classroom. You could also donate books to put in the Secret Grotto.


Chapter 4: Fuel Your Amazing Body

On pages 36 and 37, the children plant fruit and vegetables in the Mother Nature’s Garden. Consider bringing in some fresh fruit or vegetables for the students to try. We are trying to teach them to eat mindfully, so don’t bring in too much. We want them to learn to slow down and enjoy the food.


Chapter 5: The 7 Buoys

Once the students complete the First Grade Workbook, it would be nice to reward them! We will be offering Wellness Cove Merchandise to our online store soon. Alternatively, you could help the teacher organize a Wellness Cove Graduation Party.