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First Grade Workbook Resources

Please be patient with us while we are under construction.

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In our Mission Statement, we acknowledge that it is really teachers and parents who can help us bring our mission to fruition. Therefore, we want to support them in any way that we can.

Pages 61-67 of the First Grade Workbook allow teachers and parents to follow along as the children journey around the island. These pages provide helpful ideas to help you facilitate their journey. 

The purpose of the First Grade Resources on the website, is to provide useful ideas, links, and videos, that we cannot put in the printed workbook. Since we are just launching our Program, be patient with us as we are creating our videos and updating our website. 


Chapter 1: Welcome to Wellness Cove


The Magic of Music


While your students are doing the exercises in the workbook, consider playing music softly in the background. There are several reasons for this. First, music helps kids concentrate and stay focused. Second, music helps to control the environment. For example, relaxing music creates a relaxing environment. Finally, students feel like they are being rewarded.

There are several ways to play music in class. You can play it from your computor using iTunes or Pandora. You can also play music from Pandora on an Alexa.


Healthy Snack Ideas

Banana Chips Fruit
Boy With Smoothie Girl With Watermelon


Chapter 2: Enjoy Our Amazing Planet.

Chill Dude. Our Exercise Video will be coming soon. I'll even teach you how to surf.

Chill Dude


Chapter 3: Your Amazing Brain

Secret Grotto

Coming soon: Set up a Secret Grotto in your classroom and send us a picture. We may post it here!


Chapter 4: Fuel Your Amazing Body

Our video for the 1st Grade Workbook Family Meal will be coming soon. Until then, Enjoy watching Giada make some amazing Paninis.





Chapter 5: The 7 Buoys

Wellness Cove Merchandise.

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